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Erika Degraff is an actress originally from Chicago, Illinois where she began her acting career. A self described workaholic, she enjoys a reputation as a highly respected and sought after performer known for her focused and immersive style.


In December of 2018, Erika made her theatre debut in New York.

Since then, she has had the greatest honor to grace the stages of the historic Thirteenth Street Repertory Theatre where she played the Character Jojo Washington in the Tom Eyen play "Women Behind Bars" and then moving on to the American Theatre of Actors where she had the honor of having roles in Accelerating Change.

Erika's most recent role was as Molly Brightwater in The Resurrection directed by Anne L. Thompson Scretching. Erika received her training from The Stellar Adler School of Acting. Erika, thanks her parents for encouraging her to pursue her dreams. 

Erika's television credits include the role as "Mom" in Comedy Central: Addiction Buster as well as numerous other featured roles in short films.




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